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The following provides information of Dallah Telecom’s business posture and projects:

The core business of Dallah Telecom is to propose security and safety oriented systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Anti intrusion, BMS. These systems are to be installed in Military facilities, Hospital, Universities, Private Companies or Showrooms.

Dallah Telecom also proposes more dedicated surveillance system as Fix and Mobile systems based on Thermal Cameras for Border Surveillance or Homeland Security, and other Night vision systems but also Coastal Radar systems along with their appropriate data Network.

In a complete different field, Dallah Telecom provides complete e-Learning systems to the Educational Authorities. They include the classrooms equipment (Projectors, smart boards, e-Podiums), the production facilities (e-Studio) and the software solution from the e-attendance to the Learning Management Software passing by the internet caf, Portal and Smart Classroom Messaging System.

For another form of education, Dallah Telecom provided Individual Driving Simulators to driving schools. The simulators interconnected through a local network allow one instructor to train multiple trainees and save hours of car driving in the school.

Dallah Telecom was the pioneer in Dallah Group in managing the Mobile broadcasting rights of main sport events for the account of the Media Sector of the group. Among others, the covered events included FIFA WORLD CUP, Golf Cup and Asian Cup. In cooperation with major Telecommunications Technology partners, Dallah Telecom provided Telecom Operators of MENA Region with content for SMS/MMS broadcasting and video streaming dedicated to Mobiles.

Strengthen by ART channels experience and knowhow, in the field of its Media activities, Dallah Telecom proposes broadcasting system as Digital Satellite News Gathering vehicles (DSNG) to Customers as Ministry of Information.

Dallah Telecom also successfully provided Makkah and Madinah Cities with a vehicle tracking system coupled to a Geographic Information System in order to monitor and improve the trash collection within these cities.

The Company has as well a long experience in traffic and speed monitoring using the latest technology in this field. Dallah Telecom provided and maintained speed monitoring systems for Riyadh and Jeddah cities and highly participated in the Automated Traffic Violations Administering and Monitoring system (ATVAM) project. Dallah Telecom provides also ANPR systems to monitor the traffic at check points.

Dallah Telecom works on projects using the RFID technology for Acces control, vehicle monitoring or assets management.

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