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Dallah Telecom was founded in 1990 to contribute in technology transfer in the field of communications and information technology to Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries.

Dallah Telecom, is part of the Dallah Albaraka Group, Business Sector.

Dallah Albaraka is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most diversified commercial groups, with investments in Business, Finance and Media Exceeding US$7 billion.

Through Dallah Telecom and its sister companies, the group has executed, during the last two decades numerous electromechanical, data, telecommunication, maintenance and support contracts.

Since its foundation, Dallah Telecom has been investing financially and contributing through active technical and managerial roles in pioneering telecommunications projects on the international and the regional scale.

Dallah Telecom charter was the investment and development of opportunities in the telecommunications and IT sectors and has been successful in identifying new business opportunities and further developing the diversity of the business sector.

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